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, stranding thousands of commuters. roz plater is live in the newsroom with more on this disaster in japan, roz? >> reporter: the pictures are surreal, hard for us to imagine. the area of devastation said to be nearly 200 miles long, 50 miles wide and the shaking may not be over yet. this is the scene inside the office building as the quake first struck before 3:00 p.m. along japan's northeastern coast. the massive quake, 8.9, set off a fury. fires. this one at a refinery outside of tokyo burned out of control, buildings collapsed trapping people beneath the rubble. chaos erupting in the streets as people ran for safety as dozens of after shocks, some greater than 6.0, followed the initial shake, one of the biggest quakes in modern history. >> it is gargantuan earthquake by modern standards. the rupture length was 180 miles. >> reporter: the powerful quake unleashed a powerful tsunami, a wall of water that swept up cars and homes as if they were toys. the floods pushed way over acres of land and authorities report they lost track of one train and a sh
coming from japanese officials. >> events unfeeling in japan incident appears to be more serious than three-mile island. to what extent, we don't know now and as they're unfolding rapidly on an hour-by-hour, day- by-day basis and there are conflicting reports, so we don't know what is happening. >> reporter: at the white house, questions surveyed about the japanese government's honesty in dealing with the crisis and who americans should listen to. >> when there is a situation when our advice on what to do in reaction to this incident to protect your physical safety, if first from the advice the government of japan is giving, we'll give separate and additional advice to american citizens in japan. >> reporter: millions are struggling still with no electricity, little food, water or heat and in frigid temperatures, rescuers are trying to find survivors five days later, followed by a tsunamina thaswallowed entire towns, survivors are being found. >> chances of survival are small but we're doing our best. >> reporter: and foreigners are continueing to evacuate japan tonight. the death tol
satuay which le fo workers d anused masse acuations. japan formerly for lpt. nto stce we ca ja fm comultiple saers, and we witand me idea of the mae ofew es give the disaster. amateur video capturing the monstrous force and cruelty of e tsunami. a tide of over 1,00boes washed up along the japan coast line, overwhelming crematoriums and exhausting supplies of body bags. two u. sear-r-acue team are on the ground to assist and across the country, rescue crews are continuing to search for survivors. millions are on a fourth night without food, water, and heat and near-freezing temperatures on the northeast coast line. tensions are high for those trying to get in touch with loved ones. >> the phones were us abouty all the time and there was no way connect. we trade e-mail. >> reporter: desperation and devastation made worse by constant after shocks, triggering new fears of a massive earthquake. and hundreds of thousands of people are in shelters, but the situation there, too, is grim and there are reports that the shelters are running out of food and water. meanwhile, the u.s. energy d
that they noticed. >> reporter: the dangerous levels of radiation coming from the crippled reactors have japan's prime minister ordering 140,000 people to stay indoors. >> radiation has spread from the -- the reading of the level seems very high. >> reporter: officials say radiation from the plant spiked to levels dangerous to humans, after losing the ability to cool the plant's fuel road error errors. >> the device to cool the fuel rods is disfunctioned and at one point in time, the water level started to fall and the fuel rods were exposed above the water. >> reporter: while the nuclear crisis appears to be growing worse every day, the white house maintains that president obama has full confidence in the efforts the japanese government has taken. >> i have no reason to say that he's not and that chordination is deep in many ways. >> reporter: on the ground, the search for survivors continues. the chief of the fairfax county search-and-rescue team called in to fox 5 morning news today from japan. >> how many people have you been able to come across and rescue? do you have any idea or count h
of the u.s. government as japan struggles with the nuclear nightmare. today at the white house the president announced new measures to deal with this crisis but it comes as the u.s. and japan seem to dedifferring to be differing on how bad this crisis is. tom has this report. >> reporter: sean the president signed a book of condolence before meeting with the japanese ambassador but the focus of this crisis clearly remains halfway around the world as crews tonight are working to prevent a meltdown. >>> once again helicopter crews at risk of radiation continue to drop ocean water on the reactor trying to cool it down. japanese cruisers zeroing in on the number 3 reactor, trying to refill a pool of water which had protected its fool rods. they are at risk of overheating if they remain exposed and give off even more radiation. >> with the water funneled into the pool we believe it will help to cool down the fuel. >> reporter: in washington president obama came here to sign a book of condolence and pledge support. >> we do not expect harmful levels of radiation to reach the west coa
. >>> brave and serious, how japan's prime minister is describing the latest news out of the nuclear plant tonight. a major setback injured some of the workers struggling to bring the situation under control and forced officials to expand their e vacation. tom fitzgerald has more. we're hearing there could be a breach in the reactors. >> reporter: it's the unit 3 reactor we're talking about and officials in japan believe a crack or hole has developed in the chamber that surrounds the reactor core and you know that this plane leaked low-level radiation over the past two weeks and tonight, officials say they were warning about this breach. if it has happened, that could mean a much larger release of contaminants. the workers will walk to a decontamination truck as conditions there got worse. >> the current condition of the fukushima nuclear plant doesn't allow optimism yet. we will do our utmost to prevent the situation from deteriorating further. >> reporter: two workers at the plant suffered skin burns on friday when they walked through water that had high radioactivity. >> the radiation l
. >>> and the search for victims in japan continues as we learn about now radiation risks on food. keep it right here. fox 5 news at 5:00 is coming right back.  >>> important new safety guidelines for parents tonight and they could significantly change the way your child is protected in a car crash. the american academy of pediatrics and the national highway safety administration has released new recommendations. dr. joseph wright, a medicine specialist at national children's medical center is here to talk to us about the changes. dr. wright, thank you for being with us, first of all. >> thank you. >> let's take a look at the changes together. we have a graph. car seats should face the year until a child is 2 years old and number two, kids should be in a booster seat until lap and shoulder belt fits. and kids should stay in the backseat until age 13. let's go through these one by one. so rear facing until 2. if your child is say 13 months, 14 months, should you turn it back around? >> no. the recommendation states that the child should stay in a rear facing seat until 2 years old.
in japan where crews are racing to reconnect electricity to the tsunami-battered fukushima nuclear complex. they are trying to get the water pumping into the reactors to prevent a melt down catastrophe. we are learning that trace amounts of radiation from japan's crippled nuclear reactors have now made it all the way to the united states. fox's david piper has the latest. >> very low levels of radiations are now being detected in southern california believed to have come from the troubled fukushima power plant in japan. many experts had expected radiation to reach the united states some time this week but maintain that it will dissolve into no threat. the news comes as the nuclear regulatory commission announced they will conduct a comprehensive review of all the new plants in the u.s. one energy executive says he welcomes the review. >> we have confidence that, were we to have something even beyond the regulatory framework, we are well positioned with the extraordinary resources and equipment to deal with these sorts of events. >> reporter: meanwhile, the japanese government admits they w
in japan have major effects here in the united states? the rumors are swirling about the next big one and we're separating the fact from the fiction. >>> 51 dogs found in a single home in and rendell county but that's only half of the story. look at number of people who want to adopt these hounds. >>> keep it here. fox 5 news at 5:00 is coming right back.  >>> a deadly accident in prince george's county this morning a woman was hit and killed near the 1600 block of brandywine road in brandywine. investigators say it appears the victim was at fault in this accident. the driver did stay on the scene there. >>> a couple in anne arundel county sharing their home with 51 dogs. animal control officers seized the dogs yesterday morning and by today hundreds of people were volunteering to adopt them. john henrehan has that story. >> reporter: unless you buy a permit, in anne arundel county, maryland, homeowners can only keep four dogs at their presence. >> she asked how many dogs i had and i gave her a number but it wasn't exactly 100% honest. >> reporter: n neighborh ood
and it was centered too far inland to create a tsunami. >>> and nearly two weeks after the tsunami in japan, residents are ragging food and water and tokyo imposed limits to prevent hoarding and tests show the city's tap water is safe for babies to dripping. >>> and the death toll in japan's disaster has topped 9,800 tens of thousands are still missing and people in desperate search of their loved ones are flocking to the town of yamata. several photos are being posted to reunite families and some of whom haven't seen each other for two weeks p. >>> two nuclear power plants are -- or workers are being treat for radiation exposure and hospitalized after stepping into contaminated water. and the plant in fukushima has been leaking radiation. triggering widespread evacuations and sparking a series of explosions and fires in some of the facility's reactors. the levels of radiation pose no health risks. >>> tonight, you're invited to stand with japan. an event sponsored by the national cherry blossom festival. people are gathering near the sylvain 5 theatre and walking around the tidal basin. it starts at
. >>> the disaster in japan is getting worse. they discovered new pools of radioactive water leaking from the damaged plant. officials say plutonium is deect ited in soil outside of the plant. fox's dominic natali has the story. >> reporter: the cherry blossom marks the beginning of spring where a nation is dealing with a disaster and people struggling to recover from the massive quake and tsunami and the ongoing nuclear crisis and officials say that might be a partial meltdown and while crews scramble to pump out radioactive water from the facility. this is as report surfaces of the radioactive plutonium found. and that contamination is spreading across the island and nation and the globe. they are found in rainwater in massachusetts. >> i want to emphasize the sampling results indicate no risk to the state drinking water space. >>> in south korea, environmental activists are protesting the use of nuclear energy and -- that is -- the 1979, three-mile incident, and that nuclear accident. in japan, they were rattled monday morning and sparking a tsunami warning later called off. the head of the nation
, there is one more hit. the earthquake in japan tightened supplies of the toyota prius of parts and hybrid batteries for other brands, too. you may pay more until the factories are up -- are up to full speed. >> the price of gas keeps going up, how is everything going to be affected on a broad scale? >> u.p.s. and fed ex announced a 4.9 increase across the board for ground and air shipping. earlier this year before the price of gas started to rise, and see we could see some are of the fuel surcharges and more increases there and airlines as l. we warned people earlier about the price increases of fuel and cost and they have for us. >> consider it warned. >> i have seen them myself, melanie, thank you very much for the bad news. appreciate it. good for us to be aware of, right? >> indeed. >> and it's a gray, not so nice day out there. >> earlier, we went to the national museum. >> yeah. >> and you saw the leggo exhibit. >> i didn't know that was going o. did you know, gary? >> no. i didn't know that. >> you have to take your kids down there. it was a good time. >> we'll get there if we can.
. >> all right, thank you. >>> the latest on the disaster in japan. the rising death toll is forcing the government to abandon buddhist funeral rights with more than 11,000. they're conducting mass burials as mourners watched and leaders are promising to overhaul japan's nuclear problems. despite wearing suits for those who were working on it and they dismissed evidence showing a massive quake and tsunami was more likely than the company believed. >> and washington's beloved chely ryblossom trees were a gift from japan and crowds are gathering. we wanted to talk with the national park service's horticultural list about the -- horticulturalist about how they affect the trees and where he thinks is the best place to see them. >> the blossoms are at a 45 degrees angle and opened and the petals are held tightly now and the next few days there will be no impact. after the weekend, if we get the wind and rain then, it could have an impact. the cherry has a soft bark and climbing. if you put your foot on there, you can slip and that causes damage. the biggest damage is people picking the bl
is coming back. oumoou brse rth6 >> more disturbing news out of the japan disaster. radiation readings at one of the reactors in fukushim a hit 10,000 times the government standard and jam irjapan asked for help from other countries. they're in japan or on the way to find the source of the contaminated water. other radiation levels at a village 12 miles outside of the evacuation zone spiked above safe readings, 11,000 people are confirmed dead and another 16,000 are missing after the earthquake and tsunami on march 11th. >>> top military officials are making the rounds on capitol hill and filing tough questions from lawmakers. some not happy with the crisis in libya. jennifer davis has more. >> reporter: hi there, laura, good evening. nato is in full command of international air operations in libya and as administration officials learn as they work their way it today around capitol hill, there are still a lot of questions from lawmakers about u.s. involvement. he fielded questions in the house. >> we have considered the possibility of this b
partner organizations, put on by the japan-america society. they did surveys for the last two years and found that people would be willing to pay a small fee and so they determined the $5 fee with 12 and under being able to get in free, simply because costs are going up so much to bring in the incredible talent they bring in every year for the street fair. so, for that element, that will be -- there will be a charge. as i said that is the japan america society that runs that festival but of coshes, tied closely with the cherry blossom offensive festival and parade that day. >> still 12 and under free. what else can we expect and how long does the festival run? >> from march 26th to april 10th. three weekends, 16 days. action-packed with great activities. for the first time we have a number of great activities, in addition to the things we do every year like performances. of course looking at the beautiful blossoms. this year we have the blossom kite festival, formerly the smithsonian kite festival. this year the cherry blossom festival has taken it over. that is march 27th. we have
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15